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Investigators say Saudi Arabia accessed Jeff Bezos’ phone

The Saudi government reportedly relied extensively on covert phone surveillance as part of the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, according to the New York Times and de Becker’s expert consultants. And when the Post (owned by Bezos) started covering Khasoggi’s murder in earnest starting October 2018, the Saudis …

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How to quickly turn your smartphone into a desktop PC

Today’s smartphones are incredibly powerful. From replying to emails, to checking out your daily feed on social media, and uploading the occasional selfie to share to the world, smartphones can do a bunch of imaginable things. They fit snuggly in our pockets, but don’t let their small and compact sizes …

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What’s the best connected guitar amp?

Terrence O’BrienManaging Editor There’s a ton of guitar amps out there that connect to a computer or your phone. But some are definitely better than others. One of the most popular is Fender’s Mustang GT line. It’s probably the most tech-infused line of amps out there. (At least at the …

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