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Boeing Built Deadly Assumptions Into 737 Max, Blind to a Late Design Change

Bird strikes on angle-of-attack sensors are relatively common. A Times review of two F.A.A. databases found hundreds of reports of bent, cracked, sheared-off, poorly installed or otherwise malfunctioning angle-of-attack sensors on commercial aircraft over three decades. Since 1990, one database has recorded 1,172 instances when birds — meadowlarks, geese, sandpipers, …

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Xiaomi wants to dominate the smartphone world

Xiaomi officially started its European expansion just a year ago, while in America it still has to officially land: it seems therefore difficult to think of a nearby “conquest of the smartphone world” by the company. The subsidiary Redmi CEO, Lu Weibing, declared and detailed the company’s plan for the …

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What are the best language learning apps?

Amber BoumanCommunity Content Editor I have tried out at least two dozen language-learning apps over the past several years, and I think it helps to first know what kind of learner you are (visual, auditory, etc.) and how you most like to interact with your device. For example, I listen …

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