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Best Android Smartphones Update! (August 2019)

Our series on the best Android phones overall and the best smartphones across a variety of categories have all been updated this month and we will be keeping them up-to-date going forward as new devices cross our desks. Our primary guide is simply the best Android phones, with this list, …

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As weird as it is affordable

Now, to be clear, I’m not new to the world of synths. I own a few (including a couple of Volcas) and understand the principles at work. But I’m far more familiar with East Coast, or subtractive synthesis. This is the style of synthesis popularized by instrument makers like Moog, …

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Smartphone quiz: Which statement is false?

How familiar are you with some of the best and most interesting phones of 2019? We’re about to find out! Each question in this quiz contains four statements regarding a specific phone, and your job is to figure out which one is false. Press the Start button below if you’re …

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