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This is Motorola’s First Smartphone with a Pop-Up Camera

At IFA 2019, Motorola is expected to unveil its first smartphone with quad rear cameras: the Motorola One Zoom/One Pro. We’ve seen renders of another smartphone that’ll be a “first” in the Moto lineup: an unnamed Motorola phone with a notchless, fullscreen display. Now, we have obtained the first live images of this device, confirming that it indeed has a pop-up selfie camera as was widely expected. We obtained these images from a reliable source, and to protect their identity, we edited the original images to remove possibly identifying information.

The images we obtained show off the unnamed Motorola smartphone with no notch or hole in the display. The top, left, and right bezels are all slim, while the bottom bezel is a bit larger than the rest. The display has rounded corners but is flat. We don’t have images of the rear, so we can’t tell if the smartphone will have a rear-mounted, capacitive fingerprint scanner. This phone may follow the likes of the Motorola One Vision and Motorola One Action by including an under-display fingerprint scanner, but we don’t have images of the lock screen or ambient display so we can’t tell for sure. We can see what appears to be a slim earpiece speaker in the top bezel, but we don’t know about any other speaker(s) since we don’t have images of the sides. The smartphone seems to be running Motorola’s flavor of Android rather than pure Android via the Android One program, so it’s likely not a “Motorola One” device. Although, the Motorola One Zoom breaks the trend of the One series all being Android One devices, so we can’t be entirely sure which lineup this device will fall under.

Motorola pop-up camera

Most importantly, however, is the second image we obtained, which confirms the presence of a pop-up selfie camera. Unlike most smartphones with a pop-up camera, Motorola’s device has the front camera located on the right side of the top bezel. We can see a single camera in the pop-up component, but we don’t know the details of the sensor or lens. We can see a red tinge surrounding the pop-up component, hinting that this phone has a red-colored back cover.

Motorola pop-up camera

These live images are close to the renders published last month by Evan Blass, though as I mentioned before, you can’t see the sides in the live images I obtained and you can’t see the pop-up camera in Evan’s renders.

Leaked renders of an unnamed Motorola phone with no notch. Source: Evan Blass (@evleaks).

As for the specifications of this unnamed smartphone, we don’t have any confirmed details. It’s possible this smartphone may end up being the Moto G8 Plus or the next Moto Z device. We expect this phone to be another upper mid-range device since that seems to be the road that Motorola is recently going down. When we are able to confirm more details about this upcoming smartphone, we’ll follow up.

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